Days of our hospital…

My morning:Nurse: Isabelle can eat now!

Jess: want milk?

Izzy: no

J: juice

I: no

J: water?

I: no

J: cheerio?

I : no

J: milk?

I: no

J: juice

I: yah…..NO

J: cookie?


J: milk?

I: aggghhhhhhh

J: aggggghhh! 

I need coffee


And it’s time to move forward 

It’s been a week since we learned that Isabelle broke her leg.  It has been an incredibly busy week.  We did lots of fun stuff and lots of health stuff.  Here is a quick summary:

We took the big camping and left gimpy at home with the grandparents for one night.  It was a good chance to fill Addison’s emotional bucket as we go through some tough times with Iz.  Great time spent with family and friends.

After missing the Edmonton show we got last minute tickets to the Tragically Hip Man Machine Poem tour.  So much dancing, so much singing, so much crying.  Gord Downey and the boys put on a stellar show and I am in awe with what an amazing man he is.

Now for the health stuff:

Izzy had an appointment with our paediatrician.  Once again we got grilled about Isabelle’s care.  And then he began to wonder if the reason she broke her leg was because she’s been on omeprazole since birth.  After looking at her x-rays, he confirmed she has weak bones because she’s not getting enough calcium.  Her omeprazole dosage has been cut in half and we are going to try to get her to drink more milk.  

We saw her OT and dietician the next day who gave us some more tips on getting more calcium into her diet.  The other thing the OT said we need to watch for is her speech.  I guess we have been so busy worrying so much about the other stuff we haven’t noticed her speech.  She should have about 20 words by now, but she only had about 10.  They aren’t worried yet but just want us to keep an eye on it.  On a plus side her weight gain has gotten back on (her) track since the last time she had the big drop in weight.  

An appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon came next.  They mentioned her cast is a bit short, but they don’t mind too much because the cast comes off on Monday!!! X-rays showed that the fracture is already healing.  They told us that after the cast comes off we just need to be careful not to hit the leg…not sure how we are going to prevent that with this little monkey.  I will ask more on Monday.  The x-Ray also confirmed that she has weak bones and needs more calcium.  The orthopaedic surgeon actually told us to “provide better nutrition”.  Oh shit I never realized I can’t just feed Izzy chocolate and potato chips! Thanks for letting us know!  After the struggle we have had for her entire life regarding her weight gain and nutrition, after all the dietician visits we have, that comment really grinds my gears. 

The Alberta public health department called today and so we got grilled again.  The lady calling is responsible for licencing our daycare and daycare had put in a form once they realized Izzy broke her leg.  I was happy we had sorted out the root cause of how Izzy broke her leg and that it didn’t have anything to do with daycare.  These ladies have been such an integral part of both girls lives so I’m glad that we can definitavely say to the health department that nothing the day care did resulted in Izzy’s leg breaking.  

So on Monday we will be cutting Izzy’s cast off.  Then I guess making sure she doesn’t break it again.  ​we will also go get some bloodwork done in preparation for surgery. On Wednesday!! I’m exhausted.  Time for bed.  In the meantime here is a video of Izzy getting about like it ain’t no thing.